TECH TOOLS: Presentain

No its not a typo – Presentain is a new approach to delivering presentations.


It allows you to upload your slides created on powerpoint – by doing this you are able to:

1. Use your phone as a slide clicker

2. Record your voice so your audience or students can re-listen to your talk or if they are off sick can keep up with the class. It also allows you to add in some explanation tutorials to follow up on your lessons.

3. It allows you to add polls, therefore you can get the instant opinions/answers from your audience.

4. Students can submit questions and you can either answer them as you go or allow them to be displayed on the screen.

5. It could allow your school to build a portfolio of presentations from teachers and students that could be viewed year after year, building a community of resources.

3 Things you will need:

1. Internet access

2. An engaged audience

3. Uploading the software


The free package allows 5 presentations and 3 polls

Other subscriptions give further presentations and polls, either $9.99/month or 29.99/month.

See the following you tube video for a more detailed explanation.


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