SUMMARY: Ken Robinson – Bring on the learning revolution!

Ken Robinson believes that so far our educational system has been going through an evolution, being reformed, but really it needs a REVOLUTION!



Let’s not just “get on with our lives and wait for the weekend”, let’s be the people who “love what they do” ! What do you want, would you love to do? What are your natural talents? Educational systems should be the place to bring these natural talents to the surface. We can not do this in a “fast food” model of learning.

It is about passion! Often people can be good at something which they do not enjoy. What excites our spirit and energy? If we are doing something we love, time takes on a different measure. So many people are opting out of education because it doesn’t feed their spirit.

We need to change our educational system from an industrial, linear model of education to a model based more on agriculture, an organic model. We need to be able to customise education to the individuals, so that people can create their own solutions, with support, based on a personalised curriculum.

It is vital that we get involved in this REVOLUTION today so that children can start to flourish and spread their dreams.



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