IDEA: How do you promote professional development?

How do you feel when you find out that you are going to be ‘observed’ ?Sad-teacher-010

In the past teaching has happened behind closed doors… as educators we don’t share our practices. Why is that?

If we think about observations, we have all been observed at one time or another but teachers tend to find this process nerve-wracking and feel that they are going to be criticised. We need to change this mindset and look at observations as one strategy for teachers-helping-teachers.

Observations can be very effective learning strategies. Do you know what your areas of strengths and weaknesses are? Would you like some support? Some new ideas? A method of reflection?


Let’s start learning from each other.

Let’s be role models for our students. 

Let’s practice effective learning strategies.

Let’s be a real learning community.


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.10.57 PM

The aitsl have published a lovely piece on using observations for professional growth. They include some helpful guides and videos.

Have a look – could you incorporate one of these strategies in your own practice? What other strategies does your school offer? My new year’s resolution: to sign up for our school mentoring process which will support my journey to incorporate some of these practices.

Thanks aitsl – these are great!

Introducing observations

How to guide – introducing classroom observations


Instructional coaching

How to guide – instructional coaching

Instructional rounds

How to guide – instructional rounds

Learning walks

How to guide – learning walks

Lesson study

How to guide – lesson study

Peer observation

How to guide – peer observation

Videos of practice

How to guide – videos of practice


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