IDEA: Collaborative Teaching (reading each others’ minds)

Recently a lot of schools have been moving towards collaborative or team teaching. Classes combine and have shared spaces. Teachers run separate areas, skills or topics. So with all this choice and activity in the classroom, how do you actually know how your children are doing. I did an experiment with myself and another teacher to trial this for a term. Even with only two different teachers in the room for the whole day we found it difficult to keep a track of what each child had achieved, what parents had said in the morning and who had fed back what to the parents.

Atwal Gwande presents a lovely lecture about communication in the medical field which led me to develop a check list. By spending the time each day to communicate what had happened we were able to quickly update each other and have a different perspective on how our children were learning and also what is and is not working.

Let us know what you think and what your solution is to reading each other minds?

Click on link below for my checklist:

Checklist for team teaching


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