The “Smart” questions facing education

The “Smart” questions facing education

There is no shortage of challenges facing education in today’s world. These questions address not only the purpose of education, the ways in which power and ideology can influence teaching and learning, but also, the relationships between teaching and learning. Education is an evolving domain, in which questions of the old, industrial model are being asked and solutions being sought. So whilst at the core of the big questions that are being asked in education are the questions:

What is the purpose of education?

How does power and ideology influence teaching and learning?

What are the relationships between teaching and learning?

These can be seen as merely the larger umbrellas for the multitude of small to large, grass-roots to government, practice to theory issues that teachers and schools are battling against and reflecting upon everyday. Some of these BIG questions feel forced upon us, others we choose to engage in, in an effort to best serve our students.


The purpose of education

What “literacy” should I be teaching?

What should I be teaching? What should be on the curriculum?


How power and ideology influence teaching and learning

How can “mindset” affect our learning?

How can I motivate my students?

How should children be grouped – to stream or not to stream?

What actually works – Making learning visible, John Hattie

How can I address the challenge of equity in education?


The relationships between teaching and learning

How is technology changing education?

What are effective strategies that I can use to support my students?

How can I elicit my students’ understandings?