Humanism and motivational

Présentation PowerPoint


Based on the idea that learning is a personal act to fulfil one’s potential.

A paradigm / philosophy / pedagogical approach.


Originators and contributors:

Abraham Maslow

Carl Rogers

Malcolm Knowles


Key words:


teacher as facilitator




A philosophical and ethical stance that emphasises the value and capacity of human beings, both individually and collectively. Focusing on the human freedom, dignity and potential. It suggest that the person as a whole needs to be studied, especially through time, growth and learning. The study of the self, motivation and goals are particularly of interest. Generally preferring critical thinking and evidence over established doctrine or faith. The meaning of humanism has fluctuated through time, generally however, it refers to the perspective that affirms some notion of a “human nature”.



Goleman – Emotional intelligence

Kolb – Experimental learning

Maslow – Hierarchy of needs

Deci and Ryan – Self-determination theory

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