IDEA: 6 Scaffolding techniques

What is scaffolding?

… the breaking up of the learning into chunks, then providing a tool/structure for each chunk. 



You scaffold the learning first with children and then for those who are still struggling, you can differentiate by modifying or making accommodations for the learning. 

1. Show and tell

Making sure that you show the outcome/product before they start; use for example, “think alouds” to model the process and decision making that you are doing.

2. Tap into prior knowledge

3. Give ‘talking time’

e.g. “think – pair – share” techniques.

4. Pre-teach vocabulary

5. Use visual aids

e.g. a graphic organiser which can be taken away next time.

6. Pause, ask questions, pause, review

Great for checking understanding; questions need to be specific, guided and open-ended; give “thinking time” through what might be an uncomfortable silence.


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